I don't trust politicians, car salesmen, or bankers very much. How about you? The Daily Mail UK surveyed 650 people & compiled a list of the 10 least trusted professions. It bothered me a little to see advertising people on the list, since I've worked in radio advertising most of my life.

Here is the list of the 10 least trusted professional groups.

#10 Newspaper journalists

#9 TV journalists

#8 National politicians

#7 Local & State politicians

#6 Wall Street employees

#5 Union leaders

#4 Insurance brokers

#3 Realtors

#2 Advertising workers

...And the #1 MOST mistrusted professional group...Used Car salespersons!

People in what profession are the ones we trust most?


92% of respondents say nurses are the world's most trusted professional group.

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