If you're thinking about becoming a St. Jude Partner In Hope, here is what a Partner In Hope supports!

You can become a Partner In Hope for just $20 a month on a major credit card! Call now, 1-800-372-4999, or Text FIGHT to 785-833

1 Partner In Hope
Blood transfusion for a patient, or one CT scan for a patient.

2 Partners In Hope
One platelet transfusion for a patient, or one day of oxygen for a patient

3 Partners In Hope
X-rays for a patient

4 Partners In Hope
12 no more chemo parties

6 Partners In Hope
One day of chemo for a patient

10 Partners In Hope
One week of physical therapy for a patient

14 Partners In Hope
Help St. Jude host the annual teen prom

28 Partners In Hope
Inpatient stay for a day

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