What's better than a normal beignet? A tiny beignet, duh!

Actually, I take that back. These beignets are so tiny you would have to eat 100 of them to feel even a little satisfied by their fried, sugary goodness. But they are cute, so that must count for something, right?

Tastemade is known for their Tiny Kitchen videos, but I normally skip over them because watching tiny cooking creations makes me angry for some reason -- or maybe it just makes me hangry, because I feel like I need the life-size version in my belly -- Either way, I can't stand watching them, but when I saw that TK was taking on Cafe Du Monde beignets I obviously had to watch.

I was surprised to see that the beignets looked like they turned out pretty good! Their perfection does make me a little suspicious because, to be honest, someone could roll Captain Crunch in powdered sugar and it would probably look exactly like a baby beignet, just saying. But, with my hangriness aside, I have to admit that those 2 minutes and 54 seconds of tiny beignet baking was strangely satisfying.

Do you think anyone ate them afterwards? Maybe they gave them to a lucky mouse that's never been to New Orleans and eaten peoples scraps at the end of the day.

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