Using dog food and a pair of stickings, this guy caught an enormous crawfish twice as big as a Coke can.

YouTuber robbiefishing decided to try his luck catching some crawfish in a recently flooded river.

Using dry dog food placed inside of a stocking for bait, he ties the stocking to a fishing net and tosses three nets into a flooded river.

robbiefishing Via YouTube
robbiefishing Via YouTube


After impatiently waiting 19 minutes, he begins to start checking his nets to see if he caught anything. At first, he strikes out, not catching anything.

Finally he hits paydirt and pulls up something pretty incredible...a huge footlong spikey crawfish!

robbiefishing Via YouTube

As you'll see in the video, this crawfish is actually twice as big as Coke can.

Yes, I know it's a Pepsi can, but I'm from South Louisiana. Everything is a Coke.

I also refuse to call it a crayfish.

I'm not 100% certain but I think Robbie is from Australia. I couldn't immediately place his accent, but it sounds Australian and, he has other videos on his channel titled "Yabby Catch and Cook". As I've recently learned, a Yabby is a type of crawfish found in Australia.

I've also recently learned that Australia is home to the biggest crawfish in the world, which would explain this big boy Robbie hauled out of the river.



If you're unfamiliar with how crazy crawfish get in Australia, check out some of these videos below.

As a matter of fact, Australians are so crazy about crawfish, they even set up crawfish farms in their backyards.


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