Football season is upon us. What does this mean for the FBHW guys? With Free Beer not in the studio to keep things sports related, the most important part of the new football season seems to be a dependable, weekly dose of Faith Hill every Sunday night.

Before the start of Sunday night's Broncos/Steelers game, NBC debuted a new intro for Sunday Night Football that featured Hill showing off her impressive legs. Saying that Hot Wings and Zane enjoyed this new intro would be underselling it a bit. It was all they could talk about. The guys could not believe that Hill looked as good as she did.

Check out the video below:

But it wasn't long before Producer Joe took it upon himself to burst the Faith Hill bubble, informing the guys that he found a picture of her online without her makeup. Oof. Let's just say the guys did not react well.

"Go back to the video," said Zane. "This is wrecking everything."

"I don't want the truth," joked Hot Wings. "I want to live in The Matrix."

All we have to say is this: not a good look for her. What do you think? Is Faith Hill still hot, or is it all smoke and mirrors?

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