A town in Ukraine got something that I think every college student would want on campus. A vodka vending machine! Ukrainian authorities are none too happy about it because according to them there's a big problem with suspected illegal trades in alcohol. The vending machine doesn't just give you vodka either. Keep reading to find out what else it dispenses and more!

According to United Press International, a vodka vending machine was installed in the town center of Melitopol, Ukraine. While some may find this little contraption amusing, the Ukrainian authorities do not.
This tricked out coffee machine accepted both bills and coins, but during the investigation, Ukrainian authorities taped up the money slots. The machine charged one dollar per shot.
The vodka vending machine didn’t only dispense vodka shots, but was also rigged to dispense fruit juice mixers. It seems like the creative mind behind this machine thought of everything. Harpers continued on to say that many Easter European countries are seeing a rise in the illegal production of vodka. A vodka vending machine may seem like an… interesting idea to some, but to the Ukrainian authorities, this is no laughing matter.


If you found a vodka vending machine in town...would you use it?

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