Texas-based Tito's Handmade Vodka, for a limited time, is selling Tito's in a Can but here's the weird thing—the can is empty.

In an effort to mock the onslaught of canned cocktails and hard seltzers in a can, the number one vodka brand in the U.S. is selling empty Tito's that are fillable.


Tito's in a Can looks like you would be drinking Tito's hard seltzer from a can but it's actually a 16-ounce, refillable, insulated steel can that has a removable pop-top. The entire lid pops off so that you can refill your sarcastically designed can with any cocktail you choose. Tito's is hoping you use Tito's vodka as one of the ingredients.

Speaking of ingredients, the label of Tito's in a Can clearly says, "ingredients not included".

As Tito's Handmade Vodka sarcastically mocks hard seltzers in a can, this is not the first time the Texas-based vodka brand has poked its chest out. The brand has always said they do vodkas with "no flavors" like many of the other vodka brands.

Each can retails for US$20 with all net proceeds going to the customer’s choice of non-profit that the brand has teamed up with. -Tito's

Tito's in a Can can be purchased online a www.titosinacan.com or at the Love, Tito's retail store in Austin, Texas.

It's just an empty can.

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