Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil and Nelson's Gunnar Nelson appeared on Thursday’s (June 24) episode of ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap. Fans can watch the episode, which is now online, in the player above.

Neil lives in Las Vegas with his significant other, makeup artist Rain Andreani. The two enjoy the fast Vegas lifestyle with endless parties, gambling and fast cars. Gunnar Nelson, who scored huge success in the 90’s band Nelson, lives in Nashville, Tenn. He married his wife Lila six months ago and he has three step-daughters. His hard partying days are far behind him as he focuses his new marriage and raising three girls.

During the episode Vince Neil takes Lila high stakes gambling, which makes her nervous watching hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table, while Gunnar takes Rain to Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford’s house in Nashville for a barbecue.

Needless to say Rain has a hard time relating with Nelson’s laid-back country lifestyle and struggles with stepping in as a role model for his three step-daughters. Meanwhile, Lila is not exactly comfortable with Vince’s fast lifestyle of partying, gambling and dining out every night. Rain pushes Gunnar to be a little more spontaneous and to trust his step-daughters, while Lila attempts to reel Vince in and forces him to go grocery shopping and to cook her a home cooked meal, which makes Neil uncomfortable to say the least. Later they host a dinner with some of Neil’s friends including the fabulous Robin Leach.

During the episode, both couples go through a transformation and learn some life lessons. We shall see if Gunnar Nelson gets a little more wild and spontaneous and if Vince Neil takes a step back and become more of a homebody… doubt it. Watch the full Celebrity Wife Swap episode above.

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