Do you recognize this truck?

UPDATE: According to those who found him, the abandoned pup has found a home! Big thanks to everyone who shared the post and hopefully he loves his new home.

The driver of a dark pickup decided to dump a puppy in a residential area near the Rayne I-10 exit. Footage of what appears to be a man dumping a puppy was submitted to our inbox—and be warned, it's pretty heartbreaking.

The truck is dark blue/black with a silver two-tone, chrome bed rails, and a hood that is faded from grey to white.

I'll never understand how people live with themselves after doing something like this, especially seeing how this puppy literally ran after the truck as it drove away. A local resident says she has contacted local rescue shelters but no one has gotten back with her yet.

We live in rayne near i10. This was around 12:17 pm yesterday. I was on my way home from work and my husband showed me this. He heard the puppy at our door and let it in. He is very sweet. Maybe a lab mix

The pup gets along with kids and other dogs, and while the woman who found the dog would love to keep it she can't take in another dog but also doesn't want to see it go to a kill shelter.


If you or someone you know can take this sweet dog in, please contact us and we will put you in touch with her.

Also, don't dump animals. It pretty much makes you a terrible human being.

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