‘Home Alone’ Reenacted By Puppies [Video]
Just in time for the holiday season, here we have a 2 minute reenactment of Home Alone done by puppies! The story is told by a kid who is well versed in Home Alone. Watch the video and let the cuteness take over you...just let it happen.
Golden Retriever Puppy Has A Mad Case Of The Hiccups [Video]
I used to have a Golden Retriever and not too long ago I had a mad case of the hiccups on-air, so this video really relates to me. In this video, the Golden Retriever puppy has a bad case of the hiccups, and the puppy doesn't look like he (or she) is in a good mood because of it!
Quite Possibly The Cutest Bulldog Puppy Of All Time [Video]
Here is the cute animal post of the week. Meet Tebow (yeah, I'm not too fond of the name), the puppy bulldog. And here is a few minutes of him being just simply adorable buy trying to walk, and making me want to buy a bulldog puppy for Christmas. Watch this awesome video here.

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