If you remember new LSU football head coach Brian Kelly trending on Twitter in December for showing off some dance moves with five-star quarterback recruit Walker Howard, he's done it again.

This time, he's dancing with local Westgate High School product Danny Lewis Jr., a three star tight end recruit in the class of 2022. Lewis helped lead the Westgate Tigers to a 2021 Class 4A State Championship in December.

In Kelly's visit with Lewis, he had some new moves to show off to everyone on the internet. You can check it out here:

I can't lie, I respect Kelly for doing these goofy videos. It seems like he's having a fun time on the recruiting trail. As expected, he has once again gone semi-viral, but not everyone has nice things to say.

For instance, Ole Miss head football coach Lane Kiffin seemed simply confused by the video, wondering what must have happened for it to have been released.

Given the similar video from December with Howard, I doubt that Kiffin is onto anything here. The videos are just a way of drawing attention to the job he's doing of recruiting the first class he will bring in as the new coach at LSU. Hopefully this won't be the last dancing clip, and, as long as people keep watching and commenting on it, I doubt it will be.

I'd expect new dance moves each time as well considering that it's different from the first one. If you haven't seen Kelly dancing with the LSU quarterback commit from December, you can check it out here:

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