Multiple outlets are reporting that eight arrests were made after a late-night brawl erupted at a Waffle House restaurant about fifteen miles outside of Beaumont, TX. Video of the incident shows fists flying, as it is believed the groups were involved in a dispute at a bar which spilled to the restaurant.

Before I begin, I just want to say something...

Twitter via @Idontknowyoucuh
Twitter via @Idontknowyoucuh

I really wish the posters regarding Waffle House's 'Full House Policy' and 'Child Safety Awareness' would have been facing the other direction. Maybe this entire ordeal could have been avoided. Probably not.

Those who have been on a late night 'Waffle House' trip know to expect the unexpected. There always seems to be some shenanigans happening at a these restaurants between the hours of midnight and four-in-the-morning.

Nevertheless, those wonderful souls working hard at 'Waffle House' show up and put out a good meal, even for those drunken customers who want an 'All-Star Breakfast'.

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To be clear, those employees should not have to put up with situations like this.

A Facebook post via The Silsbee Bee with information from this report detailed the wild scene at a Lumberton Waffle House in Southeast Texas that ended in eight arrests.

All parties involved got charged with public intoxication and were booked into jail.

The report notes that there was an apparent occurrence earlier in the night at a Beaumont area bar. Things apparently continued at the Waffle House located just north of Beaumont and it was all caught on camera by other customers eating at the restaurant.

Twitter via @Idontknowyoucuh
Twitter via @Idontknowyoucuh

Men could be seen wrestling and pushing all the way out of the door. This all happened in that small confined space of doors that is weirdly signature at all Waffle House locations.

Another group of men had one in a headlock while the other threw punches from above.

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See the video for yourself via @Idontknowyoucuh on Twitter below.

Reactions from social media were something else.

Waffle House is a wild place at night folks. Indulge cautiously.

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