Stephanie Potakis, the casting director at The Onion, has been a vegetarian for the past 22 years. She decided now is the time to start eating meat. Her reaction is priceless.

The reason for her choosing to eat meat now isn't explained, but her reaction kind of tells all. Meat is GD delicious!

There's a point in the video where she is obviously drunk on meat. She says she feels kind of drunk. This, I believe, is a real thing. Imagine your body hasn't had the proteins, and deliciousness that meat gives, in 22 years. Then, it's suddenly flooded with it. Your body wouldn't know what to do with it! No wonder she feels drunk!

Not surprisingly, she decides that she's going to eat meat until the day she dies.

The video gets a little NSFW due to some language...cause meat is that good.

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