Reports say that a brawl involving approximately 60 passengers on a Carnival cruise ship prompted the U.S Coast Guard to escort the ship back to shore. Apparently, an argument started on the dance floor of the ship's night club and ended with punches and glasses being thrown.


It was a chaotic scene aboard the Carnival Magic, as reports say that the U.S. Coast Guard escorted the ship back to shore following a massive brawl. The fight reportedly occurred at 5:20 a.m. in the nightclub on the ship.

Apparently, there were roughly 60 passengers who were involved in the melee. The cruise ship was bound for New York and eventually arrived as scheduled to Manhattan.

Twitter via @nyeem0
Twitter via @nyeem0

The report adds that law enforcement met the ship at the dock and conducted interviews with suspects and witnesses. There are no official reports of injuries or charges being filed in relation to the incident as of now.

60 Person Brawl Breaks Out Aboard Carnival Cruise Ship

Check out the video of the incident shared on Twitter by @nyneem0 here.

More specifics on the incident coming from @CruiseLaw on Twitter below.

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See the full report via @WBRZ on Twitter below.

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