A person going overboard on a cruise ship has become more the rule than the exception here lately. It seems as if almost every month we hear a story of someone making their way over the railing and into the water. It's the kind of story that usually never has a happy ending. This time it does.

The Norwegian Cruise Lines vessel Getaway reported that Saturday night one of their crew members had gone overboard just off the coast of Cuba. This sparked an intense search by the Coast Guard.

Fortunately for the crewman, the Carnival Glory was sailing in the same general area as the Getaway and noticed the crewman in the water almost of a full 24 hours after he was reported overboard.

The crew member was picked up by the Glory and is currently resting in stable condition as the investigation into the incident continues. Bot the Carnival Glory and the Norwegian Cruise Lines Getaway were on voyages out of the port of Miami but both ships also sale from New Orleans during the year as well.

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