Last Thuesday, September 20th, the National Pig Association in the UK said that a world shortage of pork and bacon next year was now unavoidable. This, ladies and gentleman, had me sad, angry, pissed (pretty much all the other words for bad feelings). I've heard a few people, whether it be in person, or online, talking about this bacon shortage. Turns out it was all a big money grubbing hoax! Keep reading for details as to WHY someone would say such hurtful things!

From Inquisitr:

The National Pig Association of the United Kingdom wants British customers to feel more comfortable paying more for bacon. It’s business. Cruel, manipulative business, but business nonetheless.

Now there are a couple of things we need to clear up. First, the Pig Association is not being completely disingenuous. Summer drought has impacted the growth of corn, a staple in livestock feed. So they’re technically justified in driving up the price of bacon, because the price of cornfeed has gone up from the drought. Second, we should clarify that bacon in the UK is not the same thing as bacon in the US. Remember that over there it’s “tele” instead of TV, and “mobile” instead of “cell phone.” What they call bacon, to us, is actually what we call Canadian bacon.

WHEW! Crisis avoided! Ron Swanson can breathe now.

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