It seems that the adults should have acted on this sooner.

During this little league baseball game, the umpire appears to be severely impaired.

You'll see in the video how he has trouble standing up straight without swaying. The most obvious point that you can tell something is wrong is when he tries to fix his mask.

He ends up putting it in an odd way that pushes his hat up.

By the end, he ends up falling into the catcher when he's bent down to watch the pitch.

The fact that nothing was done shows that every adult in attendance should have part of the blame. As one YouTube commenter says:

The umpire is definitely impaired. No question about it. There is nothing in the video to indicate what caused the impairment, however. He may well have been drunk, but I can also think of some medical conditions that exhibit similar symptoms. Whatever the cause, the safety of the umpire, the young players, and everyone else on the field was jeopardized. This game should never have started, if the plate umpire arrived in this condition. Sober, mature, responsible adults (coaches and parents) would have refused to put their players/children on the field with an impaired official. They would also have checked to see if the umpire required medical attention, a ride home to sleep it off, or if law enforcement needed to be called (say, if he was drunk and drove to the diamond). Whatever you may think about the umpire, every other adult that was present also acted irresponsibly.

What's your take on this sad situation?

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