Remember the viral video of the dad that gave his son a baseball bat for his birthday? Well, a year later, another of their videos is going viral!

In the first viral video, Devon Fowler tricked his son into thinking he forgot his birthday. The son got all grumpy on their way to his little league game.

When they're getting into the car, Fowler asked his son to go grab something out of the trunk of the car. That's when the tears start flowing. The son starts crying. The dad starts crying. You (probably) started crying.

Here's the first viral video:

In the video, Fowler says, "I wanna see some home runs." Well, he got his wish!

The new viral video has Fowler standing behind the outfield fence as his son is up to bat.

Before you know it, he cracks a ball, and you hear Fowler yelling, "I got it!" He catches the home run that his son hit with the bat he gave him for his birthday! (It's hard to miss that bright green design!)

Here's the new video:

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