Imagine putting in years of work at a university only to have them misspell your name on your diploma.

That's what happened to new UL grad Hailey Smith during Fall 2019 Commencement at the Cajundome—except her name wasn't really "misspelled." Allow me to explain.

Hailey's long-time boyfriend Justin Freeland (who graduated from UL back in May) decided that Hailey's graduation would be the perfect stage for him to ask for her hand in marriage. His plan to make her big day even more special would take some pretty clever planning and a lot of secrecy.

As a matter of fact, Justin didn't even make Hailey's parents aware of his plans to ask for their daughter's hand in marriage until about 30 minutes before he would pop the question—but it would require their help.

In a video of the proposal, you can hear Hailey's mother asking if they misspelled her last name on the diploma to which her father says "Yes, they sure did—what's it supposed to be, Justin?"

When Hailey realized what was going on, her jaw dropped as Justin took a knee and asked her to marry him.

This is sure to be a proposal that the family will remember forever and we congratulate the newly engaged couple (on their engagement and graduation!) and wish them the best of luck!


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