Tyrann Mathieu went on FOX Sports radio and spoke sobering truths about the state of the youth in his hometown of New Orleans in the wake of Will Smith's shooting death.

The former LSU standout and current Arizona Cardinals safety was one of the most vocal prominent figures on social media after we heard the tragic news about former Saints defensive end Will Smith being shot late on Saturday night (4/9).

As details continue to unfold about the incident, Mathieu has revealed that he actually knows the man who fatally shot Smith.

Smith didn't stop at that tweet as he spoke out on his "dangerous" hometown of New Orleans and the lack of opportunities for kids that he believes is a direct cause of the city's problem with violence.

Mathieu wasn't just pointing the fingers at others as he spoke of his own troubles that he was luckily able to overcome in order to make it to the NFL.

I'm not saying I'm perfect. My mistakes are well documented.

His words about New Orleans—specifically the state of the youth and problems with a system that he believes is a direct cause of the senseless violence in the city—is a lot of tough truth to swallow, but a reality none the less.

He speaks on how he found out about Will Smith's death, revealing that he "idolized" Smith while growing up. He also spoke about his difficult upbringing, the mistakes he made at LSU and how he plans to help the youth of New Orleans.

Listen to his interview with FOX Sports Radio hosts Mike Hill and Kirk Morrison below.

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UPDATE: Mathieu revealed to Rich Eisen that he has been threatened by family members of Cardell Hayes, the man who fatally shot Will Smith.

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