Two New Orleans police officers have been placed on emergency suspensions after they were arrested on Sunday from separate DWI accidents while in department vehicles.

Officer Tonishia Goodwin was reportedly in an unmarked police unit and over the legal blood-alcohol limit when she hit another car from behind on Sunday afternoon at South Rampart and Girord Streets.

Goodwin was off-duty at the time. She was charged with DWI and following too close.

Thankfully, no one was injured.

The second incident happened at 8:10 pm when Officer Brandon Scruggs ran a red light and hit a motorcycle at Robert E. Lee Boulevard and Elysian Fields Avenue.

Scruggs, who was also off-duty and in an unmarked police unit, was over the legal limit. He was charged with reckless operation of a vehicle and first-degree vehicular injury.

"The NOPD is following protocol for completing a full and thorough investigation to determine what disciplinary action is warranted against these two officers," Police Superintendent Michael Harrison said in a statement.

Scruggs has been a part of the NOPD since 2014 while Goodwin joined in 2009.


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