No one likes a thief. And it's especially disturbing to hear about people stealing from great locally owned businesses.

Unfortunately, two Acadiana area businesses were hit by a pair of shoplifters recently and looking at the surveillance video, it appears to be the same two women who did the damage at both places.

Craig Spadoni, owner of Beads Galore on Cameron Street in Lafayette, posted on Facebook that his store was hit by a pair of females who "used a baby to steal baby clothes."

As you'll see in his post below, Spadoni wants the public to help "make them famous."

Earlier on Tuesday, the folks at Melodi's Belles & Beaus in the South College Shopping Center in Lafayette also posted about a pair of female thieves at their store.

The surveillance footage they posted is very clear and you can see without a doubt clothes being stolen by two women as they act as if they are looking at clothes and then shove items in a large purse.

"Every time we see this video we are angry. Every time we think that this happens more often than people think and that it happens to so many businesses makes us even more angry!" the post reads.

The owners of both stores would appreciate the public's help in identifying the culprits. Spadoni is even offering a "$2,000 cash reward for the identity, current address and arrest of these two females."

If you know anything regarding the identity of either of these two individuals, please contact the Lafayette Police Department.

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