‘Holliston,’ a sitcom described by its creators as ‘The Big Bang Theory’ meets ‘Evil Dead II,’ debuts on FEARnet TV on April 3rd. Dee Snider from Twisted Sister and Oderus Urungus from GWAR are co-stars on the network’s first original series.

The ensemble comedy focuses on the characters of Adam (played by Adam Green) and Joe (Joe Lynch) — two recent college graduates trying to become big-time horror filmmakers. Snider plays Lance Rocket, a washed up rocker who is the head of the local cable station; who is also Adam and Joe’s boss. His character description is as follows: “Lance shows up to work in full metal rocker regalia ‐ leather pants, torn concert shirts and teased hair. He is positive that glam is coming back, does amazing ninja kicks, and micromanages Adam and Joe with threats and misplaced enthusiasm.”

Oderus is a foul‐smelling, closet-dwelling figment of Adam’s imagination and appears in each episode as a source of personal guidance and advice. The catch is that Oderus’ advice is simultaneously misguided and offensive, and the exact opposite of what a guardian angel would actually say.

Since the main characters make horror movies, several horror icons make guest appearances throughout the six episodes of “Holliston,’ including ‘Candyman’s Tony Todd and ‘Friday The 13th’s Kane Hodder. Metalhead and comedian Brian Posehn will also guest star in an episode.

Acting is nothing new to Dee Snider. In addition to his 2010 reality show ‘Growing Up Twisted,’ he has appeared in movies including ‘Strangeland’ and ‘Get Him To The Greek. Oderus Urungus has been on several different TV shows, and was a regular on the Fox News show ‘Red Eye.’

‘Holliston’ will invade your TV sets on April 3 courtesy of FEARnet TV.

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