Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor took an impromptu break during rehearsals this week (Dec. 5) to field fan submitted questions on Reddit.

During the chat, a number of interesting topics were raised from the current lineup of the band to the future touring plans for Nine Inch Nails and collaborating with Al Jourgensen.

When asked about touring plans for Nine Inch Nails in 2014, Reznor was very candid, sharing, “Here are some thoughts on touring: When we commit to a touring cycle, it usually is at least a year long, and can start to feel stale after X amount of time.”

He continued, explaining what the band is currently focusing on in terms of touring and keeping things exciting for fans. “What I’m doing this cycle is making each leg of the tour have its own identity. The festival run we did over the summer was very different from the Tension tour we just finished,” said Reznor. “We’re currently rehearsing with a new incarnation of the band for what’s ahead. This keeps things fresh from a musician’s perspective, but also keeps things interesting for fans in an era where every show ends up on YouTube. The setlist and presentation moving forward will be very different from what we just did.”

Another aspect of the band that may look a little different moving forward is the touring lineup. When asked what the current lineup of the band looked like, Reznor simply offered up initials, saying, “IR + AC + RF + TR.” That accounts for Ilan Rubin, Alessandro Cortini, Robin Finck, and Trent Reznor but left some questions regarding the status of touring members Pino Palladino, Josh Eustis, Sharlotte Gibson, and Lisa Fischer.” Reznor didn’t expand on that though, leaving a bit of mystery moving forward.

Fans holding out for more information on Reznor’s collaboration with Al Jourgensen may be in for some disappointing news too as Reznor said he has not talked to Jourgensen in years.

That was just a small sampling of the question and answer session, fans can check out the full transcript here for Reznor’s take on many additional topics.

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