It was almost like a blip on a radar screen, if you blinked you missed it. I am speaking of Tracy Wirtz announcement on March 29th that she was leaving her anchor position on KATC’s Good Morning Acadiana.

At the time Wirtz described her departure from the highly rated show was less about her profession and more about her personal life. “My contract was coming up, so I decided to not stay," Wirtz said. "The main reason was when my kids were smaller, those hours were good. But, as they got older, my husband and I were like two ships passing in the night. Those hours take a toll on you after that amount of time. You know when it is time to move on.” Wirtz made those comments to the Lafayette Daily Advertiser in a story published in May of this year.

Fans who have missed Tracy on television can now catch her in a new time slot and on a new channel. As of this afternoon, Tracy will be a part of the KLFY TV 10 news team. Wirtz will work specifically on Meet Your Neighbor and the station’s 5 PM News.
Those of us who know Tracy knew it wouldn’t be long until she was back in front of a camera or behind a microphone. Broadcasting is in her blood and her passion has always been about serving the needs of the people of Acadiana.
Tracy’s new position at TV 10 will not affect your ability to hear her on the radio. Wirtz currently hosts radio shows in Lafayette and in Lake Charles.

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