Always at a loss when it comes to what to get that Norwegian black metal fan on your holiday list each year? Well, small toy collectible company Citizen Brick has just made your life a little easier with their new collection of Lego-compatible minifigures.

The new collection features the likeness of a “Norwegian Black Metal Enthusiast” sporting facepaint, bulletbelt and leather pants and and comes with the following dark description: “Citizen Brick prides itself creating Minifigs for collectors of all sorts. Even if they happen to love Satan. This guy may or may not have a sacrificial alter in his apartment storage unit, yet still embodies the Norwegian Black Metal aesthetic in sinister detail. Perfect for your dystopian horrorscapes or as a gift for your metalhead cousin.”

At fifteen bucks per unit, it might cost a pretty penny to build an army of black metal fans but everyone has to start somewhere, right?

If Norwegian black metal isn’t your thing, Citizen Brick also carries a “Shame Enthusiast” minifig that resembles someone decked out in full bondage gear, an “Ink Enthusiast’ minifig depicting a heavily tattooed individual and the herb loving ‘Botany Enthusiast” rounding out just a few of the available figures.

Check out the whole collection here.