Now that you can't get the chicken sandwich from Popeyes because they just plain ran out, it's always interesting to see what parts of the country had the most interest in the chicken sandwich wars. Google Trends tracks all search activity and you can break down search activity for specific keywords, in this case, Popeyes and Chick Fil A. As you might predict, Louisiana was near the top of the list in search activity...but not number one. That result was held by the great state of Alaska. The other seemingly unrelated states that all had a huge interest in Popeyes were Hawaii, Washington DC, and Michigan.

Google Trends

It appears as though the search spike began on August 20th. With the announcement of Popeyes temporarily running out of sandwiches, interest has begun to drop on Google search results. Now society can return to normal, and patiently wait for the next trend to take off on social media, or another shipment of chicken sandwiches for the next round of who's better than who.