In a recent interview we conducted with All That Remains' Phil Labonte, the singer criticized Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello for his political views. After reading the interview, Morello responded to Phil Labonte's comments with a Twitter post directed straight at the All That Remains frontman.

Tom Morello has been very vocal about his left-wing political values for a very long time. Morello became very involved in the 'Occupy' movement, performing that various 'Occupy' hubs around the country. Morello even led a guitar march in May 2012 and recorded the track 'We Are the 99 Percent' with Serj Tankian and Rise Against's Tim McIlrath.

Morello and Labonte have clashed before, so it was no surprise that Labonte was critical of Morello during our recent interview. "I was talking crap about Tom Morello because how can you be Rage Against the Machine and then vote for someone that’s in the party that controls both the House and the Senate," says Labonte. "So you’re against the machine but you’re voting for the candidate that is supported by both the House of Representatives and the Senate. That’s not raging against machine, that’s jumping into the machine’s pocket, that’s lining right up behind the machine." It should be noted that the Republican Party has the majority in the House of Representatives and the Democrats have the majority in the Senate.

All That Remains were recently confirmed to perform at the 2014 New England Metal and Hardcore Festival.

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