In a cash-strapped state like Louisiana is you can bet the Department of Revenue will be waiting for your check in the mail. With that being said you better be finding a stamp and filing that tax return today. That is if you don't want the long arm of the tax man reaching into your wallet to take even more money.

Okay, I was kind of kidding about the stamp since most Louisiana taxpayers won't be using the standard mail service. They will use the modern technology we all love to hate,  online filing. Use this website to do that. 

Just to be clear today is not only a filing deadline for Louisiana tax returns,  you actually have to send in the money too. The standard penalties for late filing or late payments are usually 5%  per month. That can balloon to a maximum of 25% so get that money and that return filed.

As you send the money just think of all the things you are helping to support in our state. Try not to think about all the things our leaders have been wasting our money on, it will just leave you in a bad mood. Since you have to pay your taxes anyway, why not be a cheerful citizen. If only our state funded unicorns and rainbows.

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