The science of meteorology is not an exact one. It's a science of formulas, fluids, pressures, and the unexpected. However, today's modern weather forecasters are still pretty good when it comes to getting the forecast right, especially in the short term.

That's why we feel very confident in offering you the following scenario, as far as weather is concerned, for what is a very busy Friday evening across Acadiana.

I mean there's Festival Acadiens et Creoles in Lafayette, the Louisiana Cattle Festival in Abbeville, the Gumbo Cookoff in New Iberia, and of course High School Football tonight. The weather could affect all of those events but it doesn't appear as if Mother Nature will really make a mess of things, if the current forecast and its timing hold true.

Almost all of the weather forecast models are calling for the arrival of showers and or thunderstorms in South Louisiana sometime after lunch. The further to the north and west you live, the sooner the weather and the cooler temperatures will arrive.

In Lafayette, forecasters anticipate we'll start to see our best chances of rain in the area around 2 this afternoon. Based on forecast data, a significant threat of showers should stay in the area until about 7 pm. That doesn't mean it will be raining all the time between those hours, it just means, that's the most likely time for showers to occur.

The cooler temperatures will likely begin to be noticed by about 4 this afternoon. Although the drop in temperatures will be slow, a gusty northerly breeze will make the late afternoon and early evening hours feel much cooler than the actual air temperature.

After the front passes, we should be in for a partly cloudy and cool weekend. After starting out the day with temperatures in the lower 50s,  Election Day Saturday should be a mix of clouds and sun with high temperatures only reaching the 70 degrees or so. Sunday should be a little warmer and less breezy, but still quite cool when compared to the weather we've had this past week.


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