Costco is a popular money-saving big-box retailer with over 570 stores in the U.S. and around the world. The Lafayette location is located at 201 Meadow Farm Drive. Acadiana loves saving money and Costco helps you do that. With gas prices rising around the country, everybody could use a little help right now.

Where is the "cost per use" on the price tags? What does the asterisk in the right top corner of the price tags mean? Why are some price tags green? How to spot the "manager special"? How to shop without a membership? Let's get the low down from James.

Costco Gift Card Tips.

What Does the Asterisk Mean? Why are Some Tags Green? Where to Find a "Manager Special"?


Some Costco Stores Don't Require a Membership to Purchase Alcohol.


How to Shop Costco Without a Membership.


A Secret About Costco Batteries.


Stop Paying Full Price for Starbucks Coffee at Costco.


"Price Per Use" Saves You Money on Everything at Costco.


Name Brand Clothing for Less at Costco.


Save Money on Travel at Costco.

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