The Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete is making headlines again.

Of course, you probably recall a few months back that the Siberian tiger that was housed there died.

Now the owner, Mike Sandlin, has a new pet, a five-month-old camel from Texas named Casper.

Cue the animal rights groups.

Animal Legal Defense Fund has already chimed in. They released a statement that said "decision to obtain a camel simply proves it is a business that exploits animals to promote its business."

Sandlin disagrees. He rebutted by saying, "The whole concept behind it was an attraction and I don't apologize for that."

It appears that this is just the beginning of something bigger at the truck stop.

Sandlin plans to turn the truck stop into a partial petting zoo. He's also brought in a Quwati Raccoon from South America and has plans to add alligators and eventually another tiger. However, current laws will not allow him to own another tiger.