With all of South Louisiana closely watching the tropical system in the Gulf Of Mexico this week, many of you are already preparing for flooding just in case. Sandbags are already being made available in many places around Acadiana. I just came across this video demonstrating a simple idea that could help you fill sandbags faster than ever.

Clayton H. Nelson posted this video a couple of months ago showing a really simple method to very quickly fill sandbags. He seems to be from Louisiana, so you know he knows what he's talking about.

He uses an 8 inch pvc pipe, and cuts it at an angle for scooping sand. Then all you have to do is tie your bag to the other end of the pipe, and scoop and tilt until the bag is full. You can easily cut a handle in the middle of the pipe for grip.

I saw a similar idea a few years ago on Shark Tank and always wondered why the product didn't take off. Watching this video, now I see why. These are too easy and cheap to make.

I sure hope you don't need to use this, but in the event you do, I hope this helps.

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