Pennsylvania metalcore band This or the Apocalypse had to cancel their West Chester, Pa., show last night, when their drummer Aaron Maloney needed immediate medical care. This morning the band updated fans and explained that Maloney needed surgery to have his appendix removed.

This or the Apocalypse addressed fans via Facebook, “We will not be missing any more performances along the way as Sirens and Sailors very talented drummer Doug is preparing to take on a few days of double duty behind his drum kit. Lucky for us, this guy is one of the most solid drummers in the scene and will keep the show running. Once again, we are all thankful for any wishes/support. Please come out and show some love.”

The band also made light of the situation by stating, “We'll be collecting some gifts in the mean time: Aaron likes skittles, drum magazines, orange juice with pulp, comics about androgynous heroes, musicals, Facebook arguments, and beer; but perhaps let's skip on the last two. If you'd like to bring him any get well cards or anything, feel free. Also, give Doug a high five for us.”

This or the Apocalypse are currently on a headlining North American tour until late February. Go here to see a full list of dates.

The band updated fans on Maloney’s status saying that he is currently recovering. The photo above shows Maloney giving a thumbs up right before the surgery.

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