It's the season for Horror movies! With Halloween just a few days away, folks all over South Louisiana will be bingeing on a steady diet of scary movies to get into the Halloween spirit. But, what horror movie scares Louisianians the most? The answer, according to a recent survey, may surprise you.

Is it "The Shining"? Nope. It has to be "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" right? Not even close.

According to, the horror movie "Dark Water" is the movie that scares Louisiana the most. Seriously? I've seen it, and it's a fine horror movie, but the one movie Louisianians are scared of the most? I'm so confused right now.

Below are the top five horror movies that showed up in the survey -

  • The Ring
  • It
  • The Conjuring
  • The Grudge
  • The Exorcist
  • Friday the 13th

OK, these all make sense. But, "Dark Water"? No one I know has ever brought it up in conversation nor has anyone ever recommended it.

Below is the map detailing each state's horror movie that scares them the most.

Most popular horror movies in each state

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