Are you a football fan like me that really doesn't care about the extra point after a touchdown is scored? Do you wish that your team gets 7 points just for reaching the end zone? Well, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is taking this option under consideration.

Right now, a new scoring system is under consideration. If the extra point is eliminated, a touchdown will be 7 points automatically. But, the scoring team can choose to go for an eighth point, like a current two-point conversion. If the team fails to get into the end zone for the eighth point, the seventh point from the touchdown would be omitted and the team would only end up with 6 points.

Roger Goodell said that the extra point is "almost automatic" and "are there any plays in the game that really are not consequential? You want to add excitement with every play."

The NFL Competition Committee meets in March and the topic will be discussed but we are not going to see this new option happen in the next season. It may take a few seasons.