Fan anticipation was already very high for The Mandalorian, the first-ever live-action Star Wars TV series, and one of the cornerstones of the new Disney streaming service, Disney+. But a tidbit about the marketing blitz that’s about to get underway to promote the site (get ready y’all) will only get people more intrigued.

An article on Disney+ in The New York Times claims there is something very “dramatic” and surprising in the first episode of the show. Here’s what it says:

The Mandalorian, which contains a dramatic Star Wars-universe spoiler in the first episode and will be available the moment Disney Plus starts, has been as heavily promoted as a traditional feature film, with billboards, 30-second television commercials, radio spots, and digital ads.

Let the theories begin! My guess would be either the Mandalorian himself, played by Pedro Pascal, or one of the other characters on the show, holds some sort of important connection to the main Star Wars saga. Maybe the Mandalorian is Boba Fett’s brother. (You know, Roger Fett, the famous brother of Boba Fett.) Maybe Werner Herzog is actually playing himself on the show Or maybe the plot of the show explains how the Emperor survived his apparent death in Return of the Jedi in order to return in this fall’s other big Star Wars event, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

What’s your theory on this big spoiler? We want to hear your best guesses (and your best worst guesses, because those are fun too). The first episode of The Mandalorian will be available when Disney Plus goes online on November 12.

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