A judge denied the request of artist, S. Victor Whitmill, to halt the release of 'The Hangover Part II'. The movie will be released as scheduled this week. Why would he want to halt the release of what is sure to be one of the biggest movies of the summer???


Whitmill designed the tattoo that Mike Tyson has tattooed on his face. If you've seen the trailer for the movie, then you know that Ed Helms character, Stu, gets the tattoo on his face as well. Whitmill is saying that he was never asked or compensated for the use of his design, and was seeking to halt the movies release and get paid...$30 million for copyright infringement.

Luckily for us that are looking to laugh, according to Hollywood Reporter, a judge has denied the halt, and the movie will come out this week as planned. Now, I'm not for anyone thieving anything, so it's good to know that Whitmill may get something out of this. While stopping the movie would cost too much to too many people, including the studio as well as smaller and locally owned theaters across the globe, the judge is willing to hold an expedited trial on the issue of liability and consider a request for a permanent injunction, which could stop the film's distribution for DVD's, a cable run, and more in the future.

For the full story and a lot of the legal mumbo jumbo that I didn't really understand, check out Hollywood Reporter

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