It's always amazing when metal gets its due respect from mainstream media. It's even greater when a television legend like Jon Stewart takes a moment to memorialize a late metal icon like GWAR frontman Dave Brockie (aka Oderus Urungus), which is exactly what happened last night (March 25) on 'The Daily Show.'

'The Daily Show' has actually showcased its fandom of GWAR as far back as 2001 while reporting about the 20th anniversary of MTV. Jon Stewart also gave GWAR a shout out in 2012 by turning the so-called "war on Christmas" into "Gwar on Christmas."

On last night's 'Daily Show,' Butthole Surfers singer Gibby Haynes and author Amy Yates were Jon Stewart's guests, promoting the new book 'No Slam Dancing, No Stage Diving, No Spikes: An Oral History of the Legendary City Gardens.'

Seen above, Haynes came out onto the set with 'GWAR' written on his arm in tribute to Brockie, while Stewart offered a few kind words after noticing the intergalactic band's name. "By the way, sir, a fitting tribute on the arm. GWAR: Dave Brockie, of course. Oderus Urungus: a very, very sad situation."

In further Dave Brockie tributes, Tool, for the second night in a row, dedicated their entire set to the fallen metal frontman. "Live every day like it's your last," frontman Maynard James Keenan began. "We'd like to dedicate this set to Oderus Urungus -- Dave from GWAR." Check out that video below.

RIP Dave Brockie. We're always going to miss you.

Tool Dedicate March 24 Set to Dave Brockie

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