Everybody seems extremely pumped about the upcoming Grammys where they honor the best of the best but what about the worst of the worst? That's where the RAZZIEs come in!


2010 was a year when those obnoxious “surcharges” for 3-D glasses boosted movie studios’ bottom lines, while actual attendance dropped once again. It was a year when most of what Hollywood released was either a remake, a “reboot” a “re-imagining”...or an outright rip-off. In other words, it was a banner year for only one of Tinsel Town’s best-known award shows...the one that dis-honors Worst Achievements in Film. Voting members of The Golden Raspberry Award Foundation have sifted through the cinematic rubble of last year and selected nominees for The 31st Annual RAZZIE® Awards, with “winners” set to be announced in ceremonies at Hollywood’s Barnsdall Gallery Theatre at 7:30pm/PST on Saturday, February 26 – the now traditional Night Before the Oscars.

To find out all of the nominations click here.

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