One Texas man will be spending some time behind bars after the trip he recently made.

Welcome to the Crazy World of Daniel Valtier

A very strange story coming out of El Paso, Texas today. A man is being accused of stalking music artist Shakira. According to Shakira's team, this man has been stalking her for quite awhile. Apparently actually sending stuff to her home in Miami and also putting some disturbing things on social media. I actually found his Facebook page and it is a little weird some of the things he posts about her.

Daniel Valtier Has Been Arrested for Stalking

Well it looks like Daniel believes that he is married to Shakira, his words not mine. He said this while he was in court yesterday. He told the judge the reason why he went to Shakira's Miami home. He didn't understand why he was bring charged since and I quote, "Shakira is my wife, I speak to her all the time." The judge makes it clear to this man that he is not her husband, but he is clearly delusional. The judge has ordered Daniel Valtier to have no connection with Shakira ever again or face further charges. He is currently being held on a $100,000 bond for stalking.

Watch the Awkward Court Room Exchange Below

The judge keeps repeating to the court that he is really concerned for this individual and I happen to agree. Traveling half away across the country and being on the property of someone you honestly believe is your wife is insane. Hopefully this is the end of this story, but sadly in most stalking cases it is not.

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