If you've ever witnessed a termite swarm in person it is something you will never forget. We had a termite infestation in the very first house we moved into in Lafayette. Before the swarm, I remember hearing what seemed like a constant gnawing sound coming from the walls. Then there were the telltale signs of what looked like sawdust on the rug.

Then out they came by what seemed like the millions. The entire room was filled with flying bugs. Fortunately, I had called a professional exterminator to come rectify the situation just before they started the swarm. Still, it was impressive and quite gross.

Several Twitter and Facebook users in the New Orleans area have captured some of the termite swarms of this spring.

Needless to say, termites are here and they are ready to eat you out of house and home, literally.

If you haven't had your home inspected for termites it would be a good idea to do that. Even if you already have an infestation putting a stop to it now could minimize your damage. We suggest you call a professional exterminator to make sure the inspection is thorough and the treatment is long-lasting.

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