Tehmeena Afzal is cover model that’s been featured in King and Show magazines and has appeared in numerous music videos. In her high school days, she was named to All City and All State teams in softball and won Female Athlete of the Year. Tehmeena is our crush for being both beautiful and ridiculously athletic.

Her sports-themed photo shoots brought up an interesting discussion in the GuySpeed offices. Let’s say you meet a girl like Tehmeena and she is a die-hard fan of a team you despise. Does it factor into her hotness? Do you hold it against her? Do you trash talk her (assuming you have the nerve to even talk to her at all)? Do you pretend to like her favorite team just to have something in common? Do you even give a crap what team she likes because she is tongue-wagging hot? The staff decided they really don’t give a poop. Hotness makes everything easy to handle.

Double bonus if you’re the fan of a team that constantly stinks. It might get you some sympathy points with Tehmeena and other gorgeous sports fans like her. That’s fantastic news for even Dolphins fans.


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