A class of criminal science students get pepper sprayed...willingly.

I didn't realize that it took as long as it did for pepper spray to work. You'll notice that as he goes down the line spraying these kids, there's not really that much of a reaction...until it finally kicks in.

That's when the reactions go from zero to a bazillion real fast. The screams of pain and agony from them are, honestly, kinda scary coming out of kids who willingly let this happen.

According to YouTube user Karis Ann, who claims to be the girl all the way to the right in the video, the story is that they are in a (seemingly) high school criminal science class. They had to sign permission slips, as well as get their parents permission. She says the class "allows us to get a 'sneak peek' of the law enforcement. You get OC pepper sprayed in the academy, just like we did."

Would you voluntarily get pepper sprayed in the face? Would you allow your children to do it for class? Answer now, then watch the video, and answer again.

There is some slight language int he video, so we'll mark it NSFW.

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