The New Orleans Saints spent a third-round pick in this year's NFL Draft in order to trade for quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to serve as the back-up to Drew Brees. Bridgewater is a capable veteran with starting experience and on Thursday afternoon it was announced that he'll be returning to the Crescent City!

Teddy is, of course, talking about when Drew Brees spurned the Miami Dolphins and signed with the Saints. Sounds sort of like what he's doing, no?

So, let's run it back for another year!

Here's the money they'll be shelling out in order to keep Bridgewater around:

Hopefully, the Saints don't need to utilize Bridgewater again this season but it is nice to have a back-up QB of his caliber and will hopefully set him up to be the heir apparent to Brees, whenever he decides to call it quits.


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