Yesterday afternoon, I was involved in a 5-car fender bender here in Lafayette. I was driving home and the car in front of me instantly slammed on their brakes. Since I was behind said car, this accident was partially my fault when normally it should have been entirely my fault. But there is a twist to this incident that made me partially guilty.

It happened so fast that I only had two options, one being that I hit the car from behind, the second, swerve to avoid it and most likely get hit by another car and possibly injured or in the worst case scenario, killed. I chose option A. This led to a 5-car chain reaction fender bender, which thankfully, no one was injured.

I then got out of my vehicle on this busy Lafayette street and asked the driver in front of me if she was okay. Then I asked the other four people the same thing. I reported the accident by calling 911 and was talking to the other 4 guys in the accident when a witness told us that he witnessed the lady in front of me texting on her phone which caused her to slam her brakes at the last minute.

The man that she hit said he noticed in his rearview mirror, that she wasn't paying attention. I knew I was gonna get a ticket since I was the one who hit her. But, there was nothing I could have done to avoid it except being farther behind, which was pretty much impossible on this busy street at the time. It could have easily happened to someone else if they were in my position.

Which brings me to the whole point in this story, don't text and drive. Nothing good comes from it. Most thankfully, no one was injured.

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