Could These Be The New Nike Saints Uniforms?
Not sure about you, but I can’t WAIT for football to get here. Our beloved New Orleans Saints will be past the whole “Bounty Gate” thing, and we’ll actually have our head coach back. I hear it helps to win football games when you, you know,…
Fail – This Is My Gameface [Picture]
The retailers here in Acadiana usually do a pretty good job of showcasing the cool things you need, so we'll let them slide on this one. Facebook citizen Jeremy Mikesson caught this in the Mall of Acadiana today. Retail fail.
Little Girl Trampled By Insane Customers [Video]
Unfortunately, the holiday season tends to bring out the worst in people when it should bring out the best. I learned this working in retail years ago. Today, the new Nike Air Jordan sneakers hit and flew off the shelves. Shoppers at Lafayette Square Mall in Indianapolis trampled over this poor litt…

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