Is Alexa Connected To The CIA?
One user asks Alexa a few questions, including "Alexa, are you connected to the CIA?" Alexa's response would fit right in to a novel from George Orwell.
Website Lets You Drunk Dial Congress
Are you fed up with the FEDS and want to give em a piece of your mind? Then have a few drinks and head on over to and make it happen! Whether you're a Federal worker who's out of work right now, or you've just had ENOUGH.
Federal Government Shuts Down, No One Knows For How Long
As of 12:01 a.m. EST on Tuesday, the federal government closed down. Congressional leaders in the House of Representatives and the Senate were unable to reach an agreement on a budget or a temporary fix, known as a continuing resolution, before the start of the new fiscal year on October 1.
The Web Marks Today SOPA/PIPA Protest Day
Today, the Internet will protest two controversial anti-piracy bills: The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and its Senate companion, the Protect IP Act (PIPA). If you're having trouble with wikipedia, google, reddit, or any other crowd-sourced website, this is due to the current "Internet…