With the divorce rate in this country unfortunately hovering around 50%, the folks at www.swanluv.com see a big opportunity for themselves, and possibly for you. They'll give you up to $10,000 to pay for your wedding and you never have to pay it back...unless you get a divorce.

That's right, they'll give you up to $10k for your dream wedding and you will never owe them a dime unless you and your mate divorce. At that point, the gift becomes a loan, and you will both owe the principle plus interest.

From their Facebook page -

Everlasting marriage deserves to be rewarded.
Receive funds up to $10,000 towards your dream wedding for FREE, paid by members that don’t stay married.

You see, the odds are in swanluv's favor. They're betting on collecting interest on half of the loans they give out.

If a marriage ends because of a domestic issue, the convicted abuser will be held responsible for the loan.

Getting married soon and interested? Head over to www.swanluv.com to get started, and let us know how it goes!

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