The roommate of Kevin Daigle, 54, the man suspected in the shooting death of State Trooper Steven Vincent, 43, was found dead this morning in the house that they shared.

Daigle is suspected of shooting Trooper Vincent in the head during a traffic stop near Lake Charles yesterday. Daigle faces charges of first-degree murder of a police officer.

Following the shooting on Sunday, deputies unsuccessfully tried to get in touch with Daigle's roommate in Moss Bluff, who's name is being witheld pending family notification, who was the owner of the truck that Daigle was driving during the deadly traffic stop.

When the man didn't show up for work Monday morning, his boss reported it to the police. Deputies then arrived to check on the man, where he was found dead inside of his home. It appeared as though there was forced entry, and a struggle. State Police informed deputies that Daigle indicated he was in a struggle with his roommate.

According to State Police, Daigle was an apparent stranded motorist, who shot State Trooper Steven Vincent in the head with a saw-off shotgun, then stood over him and told him he was going to die soon. Trooper Vincent died Monday.

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